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The organizations note that when traveling abroad for the whole family

  • admin - 19.01.2017

Family travel is one of the efficient operation helps bind the members. However, to organize large family trip member needs a thorough preparation on the time, location, facilities, baggage, meals ... In particular, it is indispensable when traveling is the calculate costs so that savings, comfortable and memorable.

Select Destinations

The main destination choice is the crux of every trip. Families with several generations should choose destinations with transport facilities and good travel services. In the Asian region with favorable conditions, such as short flights, low cost, simple visa procedures ... are interesting destinations for Vietnamese families.


Booking from reputable companies

When choosing to travel abroad, every family should put the service through reputable travel company for trips easier. If the family of 15 members, you ask them to organize a private tour for a discount. Also should look for companies that have a license Outbound organizations to avoid unwanted risks.


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